How to Edit Videos on Linux

There are many software for video editing if you are using a computer device operating on Linux. Some of these are Kino, Kdenlive, Cinelerra and Avidemux. Now let us learn the basics of how to edit videos and music files on each of these software.


Free open-source software, Avidemux is very useful software for editing videos. It supports most file types and video formats. To edit a video or multiple videos after transferring them to your computer, open Avidemux. Click on file on the top of the left sidebar of your screen, and then click on open to select the video that you want to edit. After selecting your video, the video will be available to in front of you on your display screen.

To edit a video, click on file and then click on append. To trim the selected video, choose the area of the video that needs to be trimmed by clicking a button that indicates “A” available near the bottom of your screen, and will indicate the start of your movie, and after selecting the ending point, click on the button that indicates “B”. To save the selected part of the video as a separate file, click on file and save, or the save button indicated by a floppy disk sign.


Kdenlive is more advanced software and contains more tools and features. Though initially expensive, but with the bright future of Linux devices, it would not be such a bad investment even for producing major projects. Though most of the basic features are similar to other software, Kdenlive comes with a variety of different features.

Rewind can be triggered by typing (or rather hitting) J and fast forward can be triggered by hitting L. Arrow keys help you to move through frames, and most of the shortcuts like navigating through the screen (by pressing alt followed by the arrow of the intended direction) are available through the keyboard. Kdenlive also offers a good number of video effects, which are around thirty in number. One of the effects, named “dust” can be used to add dust to the video in minute or large quantities, according to your needs. Additional filters and other add-ons can also be added. A frame or still from a movie can be extracted and saved separately as an image.


Though the basic functions are same even here, Kino operates a touch differently from other software. To extract videos from your recording device, just connect it to the computer via a cable and make sure that your recording device is on and is also on the VCR mode. Then open Kino, and look for the capture icon on the right hand side of the screen. Just click on it.

This software actually works like a physical Video Tape Recorder we used to use a couple of decades back. Rather than accessing single files, once you click on the capture button, the program starts capturing your video very much like the age old capturing system until you click on the red button to stop capturing. Kino’s Graphic User Interface is easy to use and most of the tools to be used while editing are systematically and strategically placed around the video you are editing to make things simple and so that it is easy for you to find the tools required. Most of the tools are easy to understand, and it would not take you a huge amount of time to get acquainted to new tool either. Music and other special effects can also be added using Kino.

Whatever software you use, make sure you save your files periodically through the day to avoid chances of crash which might occur randomly though files recover pretty quickly as well.

Why Include A Comedian At Your Next Corporate Event?

Comedians L 22.5 Why Include A Comedian At Your Next Corporate Event?

When you think of comedians you maybe would not normally think of them as being appropriate to use in office events. Surprisingly though, many well-known and professional comedians tailor their acts to make your company’s event a huge success. Professional comedians are able to lighten the mood of a corporate event and make people feel a lot more comfortable, which is sometimes difficult to achieve at a business event.  Having people who are comfortable at your events is a good thing. You want good staff attendance when you are planning and organizing for an occasion and hiring live entertainment takes the guesswork out of the equation.

There is no-one on this planet who does not enjoy laughing and jokes. Laughter is a universal language that is shared by all of us which transcends race, gender, language and religious boundaries. It helps people remember not to take themselves or their lives too seriously and helps them to notice how small our differences really are, binding us together as a human race. Not a lot of things do this nowadays. This is most likely the reason that people who listen to a comedian are better able to relax. Getting people relaxed ( is the key to a having a successful corporate event or events. This is a simple fact that has been proven by many companies holding corporate events over a span of many years.

In a business setting, the atmosphere is often uncomfortable or stressful. The goal of your corporate event should not only be to inform and inspire, it should also be to help people relax a little. When you contact a Canadian entertainment talent agency like Corporate Entertainers ( you are hiring an intelligent comedian who has wit to spare. The goal of this agency is to make your next corporate event a resounding success and they make it easy to book a Winnipeg entertainer online.   They will partner with you to handle planning details, from the booking to the occasion itself and then for follow up. Their excellent client service and attention to detail will make sure that you find the entertainer that is a perfect fit for your crowd and will work within your budget to keep your boss happy as well.  You can really rest easy once you have chosen Corporate Entertainers for your business event (; you won’t have to waste time trying to figure out a process they have already perfected nor worrying about whether your event will turn out well.  Consider them to be event insurance when it comes to putting together a quality occasion.

Keep Guests Entertained At Birthday Parties With An Amazing Magician

magic show children Keep Guests Entertained At Birthday Parties With An Amazing Magician

Hiring a professional magician who specializes in fun comedy routines and amazing magic tricks that are geared towards all ages is a great way to keep guests of all ages entertained. In fact, there is great joy when a magic show begins at a birthday celebration because it sends the message that something special is in store for the guests.

Another aspect of hiring a family friendly magician as birthday party entertainment often means that they can also serve as a sort of master of ceremonies for the event. This is a great way to keep the momentum of the party going from one event to the next. There are many testimonials online from parents who say that a professional magician, like Scott Dietrich (find him at, is a true entertainer in every sense of the word. He is trusted and admired for the magic skills; being voted “Best Children’s Party Entertainer” for both 2012 and 2013 in his native Toronto, Canada.

When it comes to hiring a magic man for a children’s party, there are some who simply use sleight of hand tricks and others who do much more in the way of bringing true magic to kids. In fact, most children are savvy when it comes to this form of family entertainment. Magicians like Scott understand what makes kids laugh and what keeps them intrigued. They can even check out some of his work at Scott also offers the latest in cutting edge magic for close-up entertainment that takes place in a living room or outside in the backyard.

At the same time, the role of professional magic entertainer carries with it a sort of mystique that children seem to enjoy as much as grown-ups. In fact, the wide range of family party services offered by a magician often translates to a fun-filled party time for both children and adult guests. Thus, it is for good reason that many parents view a magician as the perfect character entertainer for youth-oriented events, such as birthday parties and other celebrations.

Overall, there are many types of activities and entertainment that kids enjoy at birthday parties. However, an unofficial survey of children – who have enjoyed having a special guest entertain with magic – states that nothing is more awesome for kids today than to enjoy a good magic act as part of a special birthday party.

The Steps to Follow in Order to Fulfill Your Dreams of Becoming a Professional Photographer

Photography is one of the most popular hobbies in the world and this is mostly because it is fun. A lot of those people who start taking photographs eventually want to turn professional and actually make a living out of it. However, this process can be long and hard if you do not know what you are doing. Practice will definitely help, but these tips can help set you on the right path.

1. Always carry a camera

Some of the best shots you will take are completely spontaneous. It is impossible to predict when a great photo op will present itself and, when it does, you do not want to be caught unprepared. Nobody is saying that you need to carry all of your gear such as a tripod and photography lighting equipment with you at all times. A simple camera is light and will not burden you too much.

YesCom Photo 8 1 The Steps to Follow in Order to Fulfill Your Dreams of Becoming a Professional Photographer

2. Photograph the mundane

A lot of beginner photographers think that it is only worth taking a picture when they see something amazing or interesting. This is not true. You should look to take pictures of mundane subjects, too. This way you will gain experience. Plus, the talented photographers know how to make something mundane interesting by finding a new angle to shoot.

YesCom Photo 8 2 The Steps to Follow in Order to Fulfill Your Dreams of Becoming a Professional Photographer

3. Use free resources

It is much easier nowadays for people to learn the tricks of the trade due to the internet. Besides the fact that you can see millions of pictures from other people online, there is also a ton of resources for you to read and learn which you can access for free.

YesCom Photo 8 3 The Steps to Follow in Order to Fulfill Your Dreams of Becoming a Professional Photographer

If you want to become a professional, you will need to have good equipment. This is solved by going to YescomUSA and browsing through their extensive collection of products which is sure to improve your skills considerably.
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The Importance of Certification Exams for Your Career

There are so many reasons why people should consider taking certification exams. At some points, the certification exam is can be a good way to develop ourselves as well as keeping us updated and educated to the latest technology. Certification exam is also beneficial to accelerate our careers. However, due to the limited time they have, many employed people simply have no chance to take certified exams. As result, they have no alternative way to accelerate their careers at its best. Alternatively, they may consider taking the exams via online. By doing so, they will be able to save time for unnecessary hassles and still get the certificates when they passed it.

And certification exam is also recommended to those who want to start looking for job. Giving it chance, the certification exam will add you another skill to the resume that will help you in keeping yourself outstanding among other candidates. We all know how competitive the job world nowadays, and starting getting a new skill aside of your main expertise is always recommended. This is one of the best ways to show your professional standing and how capable you are to the job. By having passed certain certification exams, you’ll have better chance for interview which will get you steps closer to the desired job.

There are many options of certification exams you can take; most of them are provided by various top corporations that play a huge role in nowadays technology industry, such as Adobe, IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle. Some majors of expertise are available to choose, whether it’s the computer security, virtual design, office applications, and much more. Make sure that the certification you take has relation to your current job or the targeted job you wanted, otherwise it won’t help you in accelerating your career or ease you in getting the desired job.

Creating Musical Genres Famous New Generation Of Modern Music

Creating Musical Genres Famous New Generation Of Modern Music Creating Musical Genres Famous New Generation Of Modern Music
It is very easy to keep the music, but the selection of the best music and the music composed by evil is the true art of musical understanding. Moreover, learning music is to work even harder. It is not natural for any human being could a great lover of music and also have a good knowledge about the different kinds of music but when it comes to actually sing or run a tool, it may not be able to function properly and can be heard- that shakes listeners if the simple song of music is so complicated, you can imagine the amount to go to the actual composition of a certain kind of music it is so effective for the general public even harder. Various types of music are available at this time attracting of new generations. even most of the people of the older generation have come to like about his approach to music. Read the rest of this entry »

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