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The Popularity of Anime

 The Popularity of AnimeWhat is the famous Japanese animation, not only youth but also adults. I remember a few years ago, when I was a student and a sophomore at the University of Japanese Anime “Dragon Ball Z” addicted. Just as the famous American Cartoon series “The Simpsons” blurs the money in my book.

What I find strange is that the “Dragon Ball Z» – has about 39 episodes per season, but if you want to write a brief paragraph about the whole season, you can use to do, and I mean that you can add all the meat for the entire season in that segment, which is essentially what I mean..

Part 1 – 10ish: Bad arrives and begins to terrorize the imaginary planet. Super heroes and villains fight the loss of small (perhaps even die). The main characters are not easily can be bad for any reason to fight for the main event: Follow-10ish – 38. Half of verbal boxing, now between the heroes and villains in it, while the other half goes to physical fists. Sprinkle a little hero in some kind of dialogue, «Wow, that’s full power.” And you are more than 600 minutes: Episode 38 concludes: heroes kill criminals. Episode 39: Everyone is happy and life returns to normal. Read the rest of this entry »

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