Magic Tricks with Fashion Matter

Then we have a fantastic magic trick that you want to see you one. They have developed thousands of times, practiced front of the mirror and is now ready to relieve The streets.. ok maybe not the right way, but one of your friends or The members of the family. But wait.. what you wear? Their said: “What, Who cares what I wear?”. Let me tell you, something, the image and presentation is everything, as Your audience a complete package. What’s the first thing People see? You can, of course, this is the first opportunity make a good first impression on a person before the entry into force Your little tricks of magic.

One might think that I can pretty much do anything to wear my magic trick and still read them and you know what is It may be true that if you make a great magic trick. But you can take on a whole different level, and it is through His photographs. It ‘s like shopping for a car, you need to look Look of the car is what looks better person investigated, although it might hurt himself a sports car Suspension and high engine under the hood, but You see what I mean.

If you just dressed in jeans and T-shirts and regular do the trick, so it will probably still produce great Reaction, but if you think your dress code a small step, They are, however, will leave with a lasting impression the public. Think for a minute.. think of the important Assistants are David Blaine, David Copperfield, Lance Burton, and the list goes on his way through the people I have mentioned Here you have images in my head when I mentioned the You, right?

 David Blaine, wearing nothing special, but it usually in a nice black shirt with black collar and pants, of him look mysterious.. David Copperfield, always T dress for the show. Now do not say go and wearing a tuxedo or a suit to do the best with your skin, but be aware, what you wear, the difference may be good Energy, great performance.

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